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 For Azoths

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PostSubject: For Azoths   Sun Jul 29, 2012 4:48 pm

1. Greetings (enter handle)
The Tahir Syndicate is a new Bounty Hunter Faction looking for new foundation members to join it's ranks..if you have what it takes to hunt down the bad guys in the Galaxy..Active, Attention to detail, Dedication and Loyalty ... WE WANT YOU!
Contact me by this message system and we will process your application asap.
Thank you
Aa`Arik Ga`ar
The Tahir Syndicate

copy and paste when you click on "joined in last 24 hours)

2. where you normaly see DM's(flashing yellow Envelope) at the end of the last blue flashing icon (if any ) and accept new member..ask them to spawn at Ankh HQ City Kokash..arrange to meet them there and give ETA..if they have already spawned advise them to go to the NPC Starport in that city and buy a ticket to Ankh HQ City and we'll re-emburse them the fare.

3. When new members arrive..pick up and take to their ships(you will have to assign one to them)Pilot only.

4. Teach then the dangers and flying technique step by step...make sure they follow the instruction before going on to the next..have them fly out to -132,35 for training flight and return to Kokash / Morath Nebular..then sublight to Morath Beta 12,12.

5. If they do ok..send them on a mission to pick up one of the ships we have ordered..if picking up a Bff Bulk Freighter will need two pilots to go together in one ship and both to return in separate ships...Bff's don't have a docking bay to dock his Bff pilot needs a lift to the ship.

I'll be using internet cafe's for a while and will try to report in when able pending availability.

Thank you Azoths..good of you to help out Smile

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For Azoths
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