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 New Member Guide to the Combine

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PostSubject: New Member Guide to the Combine   Wed Jul 25, 2012 4:21 am

Star Wars Combine is a Real Time (RT) Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG), meaning its all online, with interaction between actual Player Character`s (PC`s), and well as Non-Player Characters (NPC`s). Although it is called a "Game" it is moved beyond that into the realm of Simulator. The Administrative Simulators (Asims, ie people who watch over SWC and alter it) are constantly trying to `Cannonize` swc (meaning make it as close as possible to the actual Star Wars universe as designed by George Lucas, and Lucas Arts). Although based on GL`s Star Wars Universe, it is neither endorsed or created by George Lucas or Lucas Arts, instead by fans who are experienced in coding. SWC is constantly being updated and refined, as such new features are constantly being implemented, and old features altered to make changes to both the performance of the server as well as fix/change the galaxy. *Note that the swc broswer is sometimes referred to as Darkness, as that is the name of the old server. Thus why the messages are called Dark Messages (DM`s)

Lesson 2: Time

Time is important in the Combine. We refer to Combine Galactic Time Year 0 Day 1, 00.00 am (GMT) as the date of the public release of the SW Combine, December 3, 1998 at 00.00 am GMT (or December 2, 1998 at 12.00 pm). One standard Combine Galactic Year will last 365 days, one day will last 24 hours.

The SW Combine is played in "delayed real time". This means each action consumes some time. When you decide to travel in space, the Darkness Space Travel option will tell you how many days and hours the journey will last. These are real days and real hours. This is what is meant by real time.

In order to solve the problem of time differences between different players around the world, a time delay is added so some actions will last longer in the SW Combine (a few hours) than in real life (a few seconds). This will allow the other players to react to events happening to them while they are not connected

Though it is difficult to assess the time in comparison to the movies (since events and people are different between the two), it has been generally agreed upon that this game is set within the area of Episode IV: A New Hope and Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. However, with the new movies and new ideas, we will be incorporating ships and systems from the new trilogy as well.

Lesson 3: Trading

Widely agreed to be one of the best part of SWC, trading is done both between two PC`s as well as between PC`s and NPC`s. Trading transactions can be done in three ways, credits for entity, credit for service or entity for entity. Prices and terms are set between the buyer and seller. Pick up and delivery of goods is optional and is determined by the seller.

The Trading Process is the same across the galaxy. You either find something you are looking to buy, or state what you are wanting to sell. There are three types of trades, Auctions, Sales, and Silent Auctions. Auctions are run anywhere from a few hours up to a month, the difference between Auctions and Silent Auctions being that in a silent auction the bidder cannot see the last bid, and must do a blind bid to try to be top bid without spending more than its worth, which can be both risky and rewarding. Sales are simply posted until someone buys it for listed price, or places an offer that the seller agrees to. When making a purchase make sure it is undamaged and undocked. This is something to look for and to add to listings.

There are four locations to trade. Darkness, set up through internal communication between buyer and seller. CPM (centerpoint marketplace), the trading forums and over IRC.

As some transactions can be for anywhere between 1 credit up to billions of credits it can be hard to trade the standard way. For example if i wanted to buy a large freighter using the standard trading system I would have to send tens of millions of credits over and hope that the seller makes over the ship to me. As SWC is made up of actual people, just like in real life there are those that are less than trust worthy, so to help make trading safer middlemen were designed. A middle man is someone insured by a faction or government for a set amount of credits, and is used as a neutral third party to trade. Instead of the buyer sending credits directly to the seller, he can op to use to a middleman (must be agreed upon by both parties), in which case both the seller and buyer send to the middleman instead of each other. The middleman holds on to either until both parties have sent to him. Once the middleman receives both the credits and the entity being traded, he finishes the transaction by given the seller the credits and the buyer the entity. This is safest method of trading as the middleman simply holds onto either side of the transaction for a pre determined amount of time, if one side faults on the deal, than the middleman refunds the transaction, no risk involved. *It is recommended to always use a middleman for transactions over 10,000,000 credits.

CPM (centerpoint market place) transactions are the main location of trade. It is a separate site from swc created by long time SWC member Togan Rosh. Most prices in swc are based upon prices of entities being sold on CPM. To use CPM you simply register on the site using your characters info. Once you are signed up you can begin trading right away. This is the preferred location for trading as people leave feedback on trades, which are logged and associated with your players account, this means you can review peoples trade record directly on the site, and see whether they have made shady deals in the past as well as review the past trades they have made and with whom. When someone leaves feedback for your sale, or purchase it is recorded on your account, which increases your trade value, and trade record (the higher your trade value, and the more good feedbacks posted on your account the more likely people will trust using you without the need of a middleman, also a way to get voted as a middleman). CPM

Darkness Transactions are rarer these days. This is the way factions usually sell, not posting their goods other than on their faction site, and doing all the deals and transactions through either DM`s or factions forums. This is rarely done between PC`s, unless they know each other, as it is quite ineffective at gathering attention to your goods.

Forum Transactions are a good way to get your good out, but usually involves a lot more effort on the sellers part. The seller sets up a page on the SWC Commerce Page basically acting as a shop for the seller to use to sell all future goods on. This can be more time consuming to set up as for best effect creative writing and graphics are required to gather alot of attention to it, however once set up the page can be used indefinitely.

IRC Trading can be one of the most efficient ways of trading depending on your activity. As it is real time chat transactions can be completed in a matter of minutes instead of hours. The IRC trade channels are:
#swc-traders - swc`s official trading channel - restricted to one post per 10 minutes
#thetraders - swc unrestricted trading channel - no rules, just dont be annoying
#omar`s_trading_spot - swc player set up trading channel - no rules, just dont be annoying
*See 5.2 IRC chat to learn about IRC.

Trading Lingo
WTB - Want To Buy
WTS - Want To Sell
WTA - Want To Auction
WFS - Whats For Sale
OBO - Or Best Offer

Lesson 4: Why Are Prices So High

"20,000 credits, i can buy a speeder for that" - Luke Skywalker - Star Wars IV A New Hope
This is a very common question, the answer is simply swc is based on a player run economy. Prices are set between the players by previous transactions. Prices can vary from player to player and faction to faction, as prices are depending on preferences. At year 0 of swc wages were about 10,000 a month at tops, and the most expensive ship was around 50,000,000 credits, now 200,000 a month pay is considered ridiculous. The increase is due to three factors:
1. Greedy people charging more and more increasing the average value of entities
2. Rare RM`s being harder to find, as some are only found on certain terrain types they can be hard to acquire at times.
3. Governments making billions of credits a month from Tax Planets (Planets turned into a giant city essentially, making money from the taxes of the populace. Coruscant is considered a tax planet).

Lesson 5: Communication Methods

Darkness Messages (DM) are the built in messenger service in SWC. Used the same as a messenger service, except run through swc. This is one of the slowest ways of communication, but sure way of getting a response, as SWC will show a flashing mail symbol when the recipient signs on.

In Faction communication is done on the factions forums. All of TTS in house communication is done on our forums. This is done to promote the use of the forums, as well as for activity level tracking.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a favorite source of communication through many players. IRC is real time communication much like MSN or yahoo. The difference being different channels may be set up for different purposes. Anyone may set up their own channel for what ever they would like. SWC factions have their own channels, usually one public starting with #cmg (ie #cmg-telmatech), and one private channel for members only to talk away from public eyes. Most faction leaders (myself included) prefer this form of communication as it is easier to explain and converse with members as its RT. Some good IRC programs are Trillian and Mirc. You may also use the swc irc link here IRC CHAT. Our channel is #cmg-telmatech. To register you nick with the sever simpy type: /nickserv register [PASSWORD] [EMAIL] (DONT USE THE BRACKETS)
(We at TTS offer a 50,000 irc activity bonus to everyone who uses irc)

Lesson 6: Risks to Players

Arrest and Execture (A/E) is the only "combat" style system implemented in SWC. In order to arrest someone you need a pair of stun cuffs and be in same room, and once arrested the player can be executed. The chance of arresting someone as well as executing someone is depending on certain skills between both the detainer and detainee. To avoid this it is best to never let anyone aboard your ship you dont know or trust. A good rule of thumb is if you dont feel comfortable having someone on your ship, than dont. You are safe though, as someone cannot enter your ship unless you add them to the crewlist, set the ship open to public, or you assign the ship to that person. There are two types of A/E`s that are possible: In faction and Out-of-faction.

Conditions to Arrest/Execute
Who can arrest and execute:

* Factions of all types can issue warrants for arrest and for execution against their own members, this is known as In Faction Arrest and Execute (IF A/E).
* Governments, Mercenaries, Bounty Hunter and Security factions can issue warrants for arrest and execution against anybody in the galaxy. This is known as Out of Faction Arrest and Execute (OOF A/E)
* Mercenary, Bounty Hunter and Security factions can implicitly arrest and execute within their own territory.
* Freelancers cannot arrest or execute. Someone wishing to do so must have the proper privileges within the faction for which they are arresting.
* Members of a faction can not issue an arrest warrant against their own leader, and cannot attempt to arrest their leader while they are in the same faction.
* It is possible to arrest both player characters (PCs) and non-player characters (NPCs). As NPCs do not have a unique handle, arrest warrants can only be issued for them on sight.
* Government-type factions may arrest and execute everyone within their territory. "Government Territory" is defined as any planet, system, sector that they control, and any capital ship or space station that they own.
* Regular factions may authorise Government, Mercenary, Bounty Hunter or Security factions to issue warrants, arrest and execute within the faction's territory. "Faction Territory" is defined as any planet, system, sector that they control, and any capital ship or space station that they own.

There are several special cases:

* Deep space and uncontrolled sectors are considered territory for all government, mercenary, bounty hunter and security factions.
* Uncontrolled systems are considered territory for the faction that controls the sector.
* Uncontrolled planets are considered territory for the faction that controls the enclosing system.
* Faction owned capital ships that are in hyperspace are considered territory for the faction that owns them.
* Arrest is not possible aboard all other ships during hyperspace travel.
* Ships, vehicles and other entities that are docked aboard a faction owned capital ship or station is considered the territory of the faction.
* Planetary control extends to the square in orbit above a Planet.

Inactivity is another risk for new players. A level one player may only be inactive for 6 months before his account is deleted, however once level 2 this timeframe is void.

Multi account creation WILL result in the Asims finding out (and they always do, no exception), resulting in both accounts being banned for a month. Once ban is lifted account of players choice will be deleted, and the surviving account will have assests/cps/experience deducted from their account. If caught again IP address will be permanently banned from the SWC server.

Suns are a danger zone, as even flying near one can damage your ship, and eventually kill you. (This is NEVER advised, if you dont want to play DONT SUN YOURSELF, if you want to start over, ask someone to A/E you, or even ask someone for a cheap ship they wont miss.) If you sun yourself and come back no one will like or trust you near their stuff.

Aborting hyperspace is never advised as it is random where you will end up in the system, and there is a chance you could end up in a sun, and be killed.

Gravity wells are the area`s around planetary bodies created by the force of gravity pulling on your ship. This damages your ship when you go into hyperspace while in a gravity well. There is a safety measure that prevents you from jumping while in a gravity well. DO NOT OVERRIDE THE SAFETY FEATURE, as it could rip your ship apart from the seams.

Lesson 7: Implemented Skills And Their Uses

7.0 Combat Skills
Strength -
Each level increases weight capacity of player by 20 kilograms. Effects HP, and chance of A/E.
Dexterity -
Effects HP and chance of A/E
Vigor -
Biggest factor in Max HP, effects A/E .
Speed -
Effects HP, as well each level increases player movement speed by 4 km.
Perception -
Effects HP, and chance of A/E.
Projectile Weapons -
Effects A/E
Heavy Projectile Weapons -
Effects A/E
Non Projectile Weapons -
Effects A/E
Dodge -
Effects HP

7.1 Science Skills
Repairing Ships -
Effects speed and cost of repairing as well as recycling ships.
Repairing Vehicles -
Effects speed and cost of repairing as well as recycling vehicles.
Repairing Facilities -
Effects speed and cost of repairing as well as recycling facilities.
Repairing Computer-droids -
Effects speed and cost of repairing as well as recycling droids.
Computer Operation -
Increases chance of finding new raw material deposit while prospecting by 6% per level, also decreases prospect time.

7.2 Social Skills:
R&D Items -
Increases chance of crafting a key card
Medical Treatment -
Increases effectiveness of medical equipment on self and others.
Diplomacy -
Decreases NPC hiring cost.
Trading -
Increases Facility Income Profits.
Theft/Deceit -
Increases chance of installing a lock on a door.
Leadership -
Reduces production and construction costs and time.
Stealth -
Effects A/E

7.3 Space Skills:
Starfighter-Freighter Piloting -
Each level reduces traveling time by 5% and risk of aborting hyperspace by 7% for fighters and freighters
Capital Ship Piloting -
Each level reduces traveling time by 5% and risk of aborting hyperspace by 7% for capital ships

7.4 Ground Skills:
Vehicle-Barge piloting -
Each level reduces traveling time by 5% for vehicles and barges
Speeder Piloting-
Each level reduces traveling time by 5% for speeders

Lesson 8: Combine Points

The Combine Points are given to you by the admins for out of character (OOC) efforts you do to support and help the Star Wars Combine. You can exchange them for ships, vehicles and other inventory items (as they come available), some of which are only available through the CP exchange system.

How can I get CPs?
1. You can add links to the Links Library (for every 5 links you can get 500 CPs)
2. You can join the Banner Exchange (5000CPs)
3. You can click on 'Support us' in ' Support combine'
4. You can vote for this site on other site by clicking on links in 'support combine'

How can I gain CPs? (in depth)
The easiest way is to click on the banners in the "Support The Combine" section of your account once per 24 hours. Suggesting planet descriptions, reporting bugs and typos, working on admin assignments or other ways of helping the development of the Combine can also be awarded. You can also buy CPs with exchange rate of 1000 CPs for every 1 Dollar /Euro you donate.

Lesson 9: Improving Your Character

9.0 Leveling Up
The needed experience is not the same for every level. To achieve level 2 you need 1000 experience, for level 3 - 3000. For level n you will need 1000 x (n-1) x n / 2. You can find a table with the experience points needed up to level 9 in the rules section.

9.1 Allocating Skill Points
For every Experience Level you achieve, 1 skill point is added to your skill pool, which you can use to improve your skills, using the Character link on your right menu. However, skill increases cannot be undone, and it is possible that skill definitions for features not yet implemented may be changed in the future.

Lesson 10: Career Paths In SWC

Construction - Responsible for constructing all the facilities and stations in swc. Determining Skill: Leadership

Prospector - Responsible for using the SX Ground Hog and FX-7 speeder, which are specialty vehicles equipped with mining scanners, to scan the surface of planets for new Raw Material Deposits. Determining Skill: Computer Ops

Production - Responsible for producing all the ships, vehicles, droid and items in SWC. Determining Skill: Leadership

Security - Responsible for A/E security risk people for factions and governments. Determining Skills: All A/E Skills

Lesson 11: SWC Structure

Raw Materials (RM`s) are the back bone of SWC, used for creation of everything in swc. In order to mine a deposit needs to found by prospecting the slab. Only mining factions can build and run mines. In order for the general public to acquire RM`s they need to contact a mining faction selling to the public.

Ships can only be produced by ship factions. In order to acquire a ship you need to either contact a ship faction to have one produced or buy a pre built one off a PC.

Vehicles can only be produced by vehicle factions. In order to acquire a vehicle you need to either contact a faction to have one produced or buy a pre built one off a PC.

Droids can only be produced by droid factions. In order to acquire a droid you need to either contact a faction to have one produced or buy a pre built one off a PC.

Items can only be produced by item factions. In order to acquire a item you need to either contact a faction to have one produced or buy a pre built one off a PC.

Weapons can only be produced by weapon factions. In order to acquire a weapon you need to either contact a faction to have one produced or buy a pre built one off a PC.

Ships can only be produced by ship factions. In order to acquire a ship you need to either contact a ship faction to have one produced or buy a pre built one off a PC.

Lesson 12: Prospering As a SWC Character

Not everyone is or will be Force Sensitive (FS) Every race has its own force probability, giving you a chance to be born force sensitive. But if you are not, then you can still become one later by gaining experience and levels. In order to discover if you are FS or not you will need to be tested by someone already trained in the force.

How can I earn credits?
1. You can join a faction that pays its members a salary and/or bonuses.
2. You can buy items and sell it for more.
3. You can collect CPs and exchange them for credits.

How do I get more Credits?
The easiest way is to join a faction and receive a salary. You can also exchange CPs for credits. Or start your own business like transporting ships and passengers for credits. Another possibility is to get a loan from a Bank faction.

How can I get a ship or vehicle?
In the beginning of your IC life, the easiest way of getting a ship or vehicle is by joining a faction and be assigned one. Later on when you have enough money you can buy one for yourself. Another possibility is to exchange your CPs for some of the available ships and vehicles in the CP exchange.

How do I buy weapons/droids/items?
A few minor items can already be bought in Shop and Commerce Centre facilities. Shops can be found in most starting cities and are NPC-owned, while Commerce Centres are faction/player owned.

Otherwise, the majority of weapons, droids, and items can be purchased from the faction that produces them, which is displayed on the rules page for the item in question, or from players who already own them.

How do I report a bug?
If you encounter a bug, click on the Bug Form link on the right side menu. A new window will open. Then click on the Report Bug link. Please browse though the list of bugs to make sure that the bug you are reporting is a new one. If you find that your bug is already listed, add a comment to it stating your problem as well.
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New Member Guide to the Combine
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