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 How to Squad Ships & Vehicles

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PostSubject: How to Squad Ships & Vehicles   Wed Jul 25, 2012 4:19 am

There are a few types of ships that you can squad together. These include all the Fighter class ships as well as several freighters (Lambda Shuttle, DX-9 Dropship, Delta-Class JV-7 Escort Shuttle, Sentinel-class Landing Craft)

A pilot of a Delta JV-7 can "Squad" 11 + his/her ship at once total 12 ships - one pilot.

You can also squad any vehicles of the same type, this is particularly important for prospecting as using a squad of FK-7 Airspeeders or SX-65 Groundhogs will increase your chances.

[b]In order to create a squadron, you MUST have "Pilot" privileges for the ships you wish to use.
Click [Ships], under the [Inventory] tab on the sidebar.
Click on the [Manage Piloted Ships] tab.
To the left of all of the pictures of the ships, there is a checkbox. Check the box next to the ships you wish to create a squadron with.
There is a drop-down box below the ships. It is titled [Select Action]. Click on it to drop it down and bring up more options.
Select [Set Controller] [NPC] and click [Process].
You will then be able to move the squadron of ships with you.
Note: You can hurry up this process by clicking "Check all."
The process is similar for vehicles, however you use the vehicle inventory rather than the ships invento
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How to Squad Ships & Vehicles
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